40/60 chance.

It was a day like any other in central Illinois. June here feels like heaven. The brisk morning air that begs you to wear a sweater.  The mild afternoons that can warm up just enough to make you believe that summer really is coming. Today wasn’t much different except that it brought a spring storm.  Not the kind that keeps you hooked to the weather channel.  The kind where the rain is steady, the thunder is rolling and a cup of coffee with a good book is exactly what she wanted to indulge in.

Instead it was an hour drive to work where she gave it about 60% since she really wasn’t feeling very well.  She had been so fatigued lately that even on her good days, she really didn’t care much to do things that normally made her happy. She wanted to, but her energy was easily spent.

A week ago she had her physical which as usual, went well.  All was well, routine labs, talked about life. She had been meaning to return the call about her lab results, but it just wasn’t a high priority. She was trying to make a mental note Today. I will call them today.  Maybe my iron is low. Halfway through her day she noticed another message from her providers office. Time to make that call and get it over with.

Fast forward through a lot of conversations and she became part of the 40%. She knew that after a study done a few years back that almost 40% of people are diagnosed a type of cancer at some point in their lifetimes. Those aren’t very good odds, but she almost made it into that 60%. And it explains where that other 2/5 of her energy had gone.


Author: heidikibler

I love words, coffee, truth & you.

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